Refresh Interactive Grid (IG) when Model Dialog Closed in Oracle Apex

We are going to see in this article, how to refresh an Interactive Grid when Model dialog is closed.

For example, let us consider I have one normal page [Page number:6] and one model dialog page [ Page number:7].

Here when I close model dialog, I want to trigger a Dynamic action to refresh the Interactive Grid (IG). how to do it?

We can call the Dynamic action on "dialog closed" event to refresh the Interactive Grid (IG) when user press the button [e.g Cancel] from the Model Dialog.

If suppose user press cross (X) icon in the model dialog, then the model dialog will be closed but "Dialog Closed" event will not work. We are going to see, how this will make it work.

I hope, you were aware of  how to trigger a dynamic action on Dialog closed when user pressed cancel button.
In this article we are going to look into how to trigger a Dynamic action when user press cross icon (X) in the model dialog. Let's start

Let us consider, I have created one normal page and one model dialog already.

Step 1: create a dynamic action on "Dialog Closed" event in Interactive Grid(IG).

Step 2: In true action, create Refresh event and mapped with Grid which you want to refresh.

Step 3: In Model Dialog page property, paste the following code in attribute property in Model Dialog page :

close: function(event, ui) {apex.navigation.dialog.close(true,{dialogPageId:7});}

Note: Chained Property changed to 'NO'. otherwise, the whole page will reload instead of refresh the Interactive Grid.
Here is a video tutorial:

I hope this article gives you the enough information of how to refresh the Interactive Grid(IG) when model dialog/popup is closed.


  1. This worked, thanks! It will not work in Chrome. Gives a Javascript error. Works in IE.

  2. Would this work on a deeper level of modal dialog? I'm trying to close a modal dialog that leads to a previous modal dialog, but the Grid in that dialog won't get updated whenever the top level dialog is closed.

  3. IT WORKS! This was really bugging me. Thank you!

  4. This is great, thank you. I've been looking for a way to refresh after close using X for ages.

  5. how about if IR instated of IG same logic didnt work for me IR...pleases advice

  6. Muchas Gracias, Funciono con APEX 19.2 de forma natural y limpia. refrescar página al llamado de una modal

  7. Thank you so Much!!!!.. it worked so great on APEX 19.1. I was not even clod to find this solution.